Transmission rebuilds & general price estimates

Here at Transmasters Transmission we realize that our customers come to our website for information. One of the difficult things in the transmisson repair business is to give an exact absolute rebuild price. However the general price list we have developed and listed below is very accurate for complete transmisson rebuilds for most models. Sometimes there are exceptions with some models, but those exceptions are rare.

You may not need a complete rebuild

Keep in mind no matter how bad your transmission seems to be running it is still possible that your problem is minor. You may only need a shift solenoid sometimes costing as little as $130.00. You might be able to add a cleaning additive that removes varnish on key components and then do a complete power flush, fluid change and filter for 95.00 to 165.00 depending on make and model. A harness repair, sensors etc all have a much lower repair price. These type of problems are routine at Transmasters. Many who have come to Transmasters assuming that only a complete rebuild will solve their problem, leave with a repair costing much less, sometimes less than $250.00

So regardless of your transmission problem there is a good chance that you will not need a complete rebuild. Take advantage of our free diagnostic to identify and better determine any problem you may be having.

If a rebuilt transmission is required

In the event you do need a complete rebuild these prices listed below are generally very accurate of what you can expect to pay. Very rarely will you pay more than these and more often than not you will pay less. Before taking a look at these prices below we want to give you our Transmasters pledge and promise.

The Transmasters repair pledge

Transmasters pledges to all our customers that we will never do work or recommend work that is not absolutely required. We will give you our best advice of all problems found and all solution options. If we can repair your transmission without a complete rebuild then we will advise you of that first. Then we will explain the type of repair required and notify you of any risks that might be associated with that repair, if any. In some cases a complete rebuild might be recommended over a repair depending on the age and mileage of the transmission, but if we can repair it without a complete rebuild, then that option will be made known to you first guaranteed.

General Price estimates for complete transmission rebuilding.


Domestic Models: GM, Ford, Chrysler etc

$1,665.00 - $ 2,000.00

Foreign models : Nissan, Honda, Hyundai etc.

$ 1,800.00 - $2,400.00

Note: There are many models in the foreign model class with lots of variables. Many of those models fall below the 2,000 dollar range and about 45 percent fall in the $2,000.00 - $ 2,100.00 range. Please contact us with your specific model in the foreign model class and we will identify which price range your vehicle is in.

Additional note: One particular model in the Nissan model class has a higher price. That model is the Nissan Maxima. The reason for the higher price is due to the fact that Nissan requires that you purchase a new valve body from the factory for all rebuilds of this model. The computer controls and identifier of the Nissan Maxima does not allow for the rebuilding of the valve body. The cost for this new valve body is about $800.00 - $1,000.00 depending on year. So when a complete rebuild for a Nissan Maxima is required the price for the rebuild is between $2,500.00 - $3,500.00 range depending on year.

European models: Audi, BMW, Landover, Volkswagen etc

$2,500.00 - $3,500.00

Please contact us with your make and model in the European class for a more specific price quote.

We hope our general price estimates have helped. Feel free to contact us for a more specific quote for your particular make and model. In each of the model classes listed above the prices quoted are based on prices where there is no damage to the core of the transmission. The core includes things like, the transmission case, tail shaft, flywheel etc. As a general rule if your transmission is still functioning though poorly, then you probably do not have any core damage. So the bottom line is if you do not have any core damage you should never have to worry about higher prices than those quoted above. There are exceptions but rarely do they occur. If it still moves and there are no holes in the case then your core is mostly likely OK.

Remember our repair pledge to you above, we mean every word it. We will take all our expertise to make sure you have a highest quality repair at the least expense to you as possible. A complete transmission rebuild is always the last option considered for your transmission repair. If we can fix it without a complete rebuild we will. We will not do any work except that which is absolutely required to effect a high quality repair and we will notify you first before any of that work is authorized. That is the Transmasters promise.

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