Extending Transmission Life and Performance West Valley, Utah

Transmission repairs and replacements can be an expensive and inconvenient part of vehicle ownership. Transmasters is always available for repairs and rebuilds, but we also want you to make note of some important tips to extending the life of your automatic transmission. For the majority of people who drive under normal driving conditions, we've found that changing of your transmission fluid is the key to decreasing the odds that your vehicle will need major transmission repairs. Transmission fluid is your only line of defense between the friction, wear and high temperatures that occur during normal use of your vehicle.
Tips for Extending Transmission Life:
  • Change Transmission Fluid every 15K miles or at least once per year.
  • In cold weather, always warm your vehicle before putting it in gear.
  • Come to a complete stop, before changing gears from drive to reverse or reverse to drive.
  • Do Not operate your vehicle when the transmission fluid is low or leaking.
  • Use your emergency brake when parking on an incline.
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