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At Transmasters we promise to be your manual and automatic transmission partner through the life of your vehicle, from transmission service and maintenance to the time when your vehicle needs transmission repairs or even a rebuild or replacement.
If you notice any of the following:

  • Transmission Fluid leaking.
  • Vehicle RPMs for your engine higher than usual.
  • Shifting the gears is harder or taking longer.
  • Brown or dark transmission fluid.
Then it's probably time for you and your vehicle to come see us, because there is most likely a problem with your transmission.

Transmission Service

The easiest way to avoid major transmission problems is maintenance. Much like oil changes or tire rotations, your transmission fluid needs to be changed. Doing so at the proper intervals will extend the life of your transmission and help you avoid major headaches with your automatic or manual transmission.

Transmission Rebuilds

Unfortunately, our experts aren't always able to repair your transmissions. Depending on the issue and vehicle mileage a repair may not be possible or the best option for your vehicle. In those instances, our technicians will recommended a complete rebuild. Transmasters only uses the highest quality and dependable parts from reputable suppliers in our rebuilt transmissions and all of our rebuilds come with a warranty.

Transmission & Clutch Repairs

If your automatic or manual transmission is failing to just anyone. Let Transmasters be your first and last call for all transmission and clutch repairs. Our certified mechanics will diagnose the problem and advise you exactly what repairs are needed to get your car running in tip top shape again. You can trust that we will always look for an option to repair your automatic or manual transmission when possible.
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